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was was a revolution of principle rather than a claim of will which is a case for every other nation prior to america as often ruled by force. this is what is revolutionary about america. you see it very clearly between 1763 and 1766 between the french and indian war and colonies became generally independent in the british empire and 1776 when they declared independence. this punishment and a very unique situation separated by an ocean having come largely in search of their who religious freedom shipped by british constitutionalism, learning to govern themselves were forced to think through certain principles , certain ideas about the source of the legitimacy of government and the source of their rights. they are forced to think those things as never before. and so they thought about the principles. the book is built around ten core principles. the first and grand principle is that of liberty, the overarching theme of the nation's history. but here i deliberately choose the word liberty rather than the word freedom. anything can be free, not just people. animals can be freed, a ball rolling downhill
, to reform all of america. plus, a funeral director, a woman of faith, who buries the victims of violence in the inner city. >> i don't think they know it's real. they think they get back up. i remember some guy in a funeral home, like man, "get up, get out." well, they don't get up. captioning sponsored by the lilly dowment >> abernethy: welcome. i'm bob abernethy. it's good to have you with us. in the wake of the failed christmas day airplane bombing, the obama administration took new steps this week to improve airline safety. president obama ordered u.s. agencies to move faster and more accurately to prevent future terrorist attacks. he said while the vast majority of muslims reject al-qaeda, the u.s. must develop a strategy that addresses the challenges posed by lone recruits. under new t.s.a. procedures, passengers traveling from 14 nations, most of them predominantly muslim, are facing enhanced screening. many american muslim groups say while they are concerned about security, they are still worried that their community is being unfairly targeted by what they call "religious profili
for them to be heard. that was kind of cool. i have never seen that before. hello, america. tonight we have a special, time to be heard. the idea of the program cameakg when i was speaking to my friend charles payne. he was on my show, when did you first tell me the story about s the briefcase? >> about a month and a halfse? ago. >> he cried like a baby on my show. that's my gig, man.y so i asked charles to take me tow where he grew up in newhe york. m he showed me a neighborhood in harlem where he used to live. the neighborhood where other african american kids used totg beat him up for talking whiteww or wanting a briefcase becauser he wanted to be a businessman or wearing nice clothes.tory charles shared history with me and i want to show you a bit ot it. different than what it was when you were growing up? >> oh absolutely. just trees, grass, some of the beautification stuff they're doing right now. this was an an empty lot for at least a decade, and we used to throw rocks all the time. glenn: you said this is really what it felt like when you lived here trvetion more like this? >> yeah
to be a minority in america. >> that was a real ignorant comment for him to make, and now he is apologizing to not only obama but to the whole black community. ex-president has accepted the apology over what reid has called a poor choice of words -- the president has accepted the apology. >> there is a real double standard here. whendemocrats et caught saying racist things, an apology is enough. >> he was not saying that i would not support barack obama if he was dark skin. he was saying america would not support barack obama if he were dark skins. >> we have a black president, and that is something we all have to deal with. >> he has also apologized to african-american and civil rights groups. he faces a very tough reelection battle against at least two opponents. he has said he does not intend to resign. >> the republican party's national chairman says he has had no thought of resigning, despite criticism of his performance. he has faced controversy about his reason remarks. he accuses of republican leaders of abandoning conservative principles. he says the party leaders are unhappy with
a phenomenon on the internet. >>> good morning, america. kate snow here. we're happy to have josh elliott espn aker anchor, back with us for a second day here this morning. >> great to be back. good to be here on this sunday, january 10th. >> a lot of people wondering where bill weir is. he's been embedded with the u.s. military in afghanista diane sawyer is also there on the ground. their reports begin tomorrow night on a special edition of "world news." >> lots of news to get to this morning. >>> major earthquake struck late yesterday off the coast of california. leaving people rattled, windows broken, and power out. more on that in a moment. >>> and how did florida farmers fare overnight? we spent the night in the fields with that farmer that we introduced you to yesterday. we're going to boeing bring that story to you. >> we promised we would see how he did. >>> and a new development in the missing utah mom. her husband has packed up, he's ready to leave town. why is he relocating? why are the police letting him go? we'll talk to the missing woman's best friend, who spent a good deal of ti
that happened on the national level but fundamentally changed america and essentially the foundations for the kind of society that could elect somebody like barack obama, president in 2008 and those are the voting rights act of 65, the civil rights act of '64 and immigration act of 65 and most people don't know the legislation's and they all happened under lyndon johnson and fundamentally transform who is american, who can vote, who can participate in the american's creation of a society and political system and so when i decided to do is put together an alternate tie line of defense from 65 to the present that are important from an arab american perspective so of course these are important to all americans like 9/11 and other things since the american memory is much shorter than for example the air of memory. those defense the 73 energy crisis or the 91 gulf war passed from american memory as a significant moments and then other defense like what happens in california 1985 are completely unknown to anybody outside arab america or progress of circles and had quite an impact on the com
, pastors from nigeria her to minister to nerian immigrants and eveually, they say,o reform all of america. plus, auneral director, a woman of faith, whburies the victims violence in the inner city. i don't think they know it' real. they thi they get back up. iemember some guy in a funera home,like man, "get up, get out." wl, they don't get up. captioni sponsored by the lilly dowment >> abernhy: welcome. i'm b abernethy. it's good thave you with us. in the wakef the failed christmaday airplane bombing, the oma administration took new steps this week tomprove airline saty. president obama orred u.s. agencieso move faster and more accurately torevent future trorist attacks. he said while the vasmajority of muslims rejt al-qaeda, the u.smust develop a strategy that addresses t challenges sed by lone recruits. under new t.s.a. proceres, passengers treling from 14 nations, mt of them predominantly muslim, arfacing enhancescreening. many amecan muslim groups say while they are ccerned about security, they are sti worried that their community is beg unfaiy targeted by what they call "religio pro
morning. the holidays are over. the new year is well underway. it's time to take a look at where america stands. they don't standstill. that's for sure. we believe our country's creativity and innovation will keep us on the cutting edge. but in the world that isn't standing still either, is america's creativity keeping pace? is that is the question susan spencer will be addressing in our sunday morning cover story. >> reporter: so where does america stand? this month cbs news is taking stock, both of where we stand now and where we could stand in the future. for our part, sunday morning is going for a full culture shock, taking america's temperature in the arts, books, movies, all things creative which brings us to this morning's status report on american creativity. >> you've seen that great industrial revolution where people are inventing the telephone, the telegraph, the light bulb and everything else. you've seen the push that came because of the internet and the digital revolution. and now we're looking for what's going to be the evening inof the driver of a new creativity. >> repor
to add more people to america's no-fly list. >> these reforms will improve the ability to collect, integrate, and act on intelligence affectively. >> travelers should expect more delays and security screening as a result, specifically wider use of high-tech body scanners. >> we should accelerate this technology so we have greater capability to detect explosives likes the ones used -- like the ones used in the attempted attack. we are already scheduled to deploy 300 more. we made deploying more than that. >> these are nervous times. and later jets is courted one plane back to an airport in oregon because of a destructive passenger. officials said there was no known terrorists and link but it is a sign of how skittish this attack has made america. thousands of miles away yemeni officials revealed they nigerian man accused of that attempt may have met with a known u.s.-born radical cleric and members of al qaeda. but if the terrorist network is so widespread and diverse, kendeigh is a new measures really keep americans saved? -- can these measures keep america safe? >> there is no fo
of america. >> i tnk the idea of gateway jourlism, of big networks and big newspapers beinghe only voices on the landscap is over. >> this idea of whats credible ultimately comes down to whoo you trust.ho has been trustworthy? >> from the knight stuos at the neeum in washington, d.c., i'm frank sesno. helloand weome to "the future of news," our coersation about old and nemedia and what it means for news and for all of us in e digital age. i'm happy to be joined today by 2 award-winng journalists in theorld of ternational reporting. ann curry of nbc news may be bt known for hework on the "today" show and "dateline,"ut she's also disnguished herself in global humanitarian rerting. she reported on the crisis in darfur when few western reporters were the and has returned to rica repeatedly to cover th conflicts sudan, chad, and e congo. she's also repted from the middle st and from iran for that country's presidential election. crles sennott, longtimforeign correspondent for th"boston gle," was bureau chief in both jerusalem anlondon and has morehan 25 years of experience covering the world.
the democracy journal. now i would like to introduce philip longman of the new america's foundation. >> [inaudible] so i'm going to talk about the american veterans experience with agent orange, and before i do i just want to say right off that despite my appearance and actually a little too young to have been in the vietnam war. i missed it by a year, so i say that so nobody will confuse me with a draft doctor or a vietnam veteran who's got attitude. if i go into a rage i'm doing it on behalf of veterans, not because i am one. the other somewhat complicating factor for me today is as paul mentioned i am the author of this book, "best care anywhere why the v.a. health care is better than yours." and i have ownership of that book. it's coming out in a second edition. i still stand by what it says, which essentially is the va, despite its mixed reputation, has undergone a quality revolution that has a lot to teach about reforming the rest of the health care system. thank you. but the va does have problems, and when it comes to agent orange, many of those problems are very revealed, an
can do fo >>> america's first line of defense is timely, accurate intelligence that is shared, integrated, analyzed, and acted upon quickly and effectively. that's what our intelligence community does every day. but unfortunately, that's not what happened in the lead up to christmas day. >> so says the president in his public statement thursday. in a private meeting on tuesday with 20 trusted top officials, he was more frank and angrier. "this was a screw up that could have been disastrous. we dodged a bullet but just barely." the stern words of the u.s. commander in chief were caused by quote unquote systemic failure, his language, that prevented officials from gaining the data to stop a christmas day al qaeda terrorist plot. a 23-year-old nigerian citizen named oumar if a huk abdul -- umar farouk abdulmutallab. he carried deadly explosives concealed in his underwear. the plane crossed the atlantic and in the approach to the detroit runway, abdulmutallab tried to detonate the bob, it failed. he was then overpowered by passengers. catastrophe was averted powerful enough to hav
which are members of the united nations were not free nations, in asia, africa and latin america, which include countries like india. even china was not a member of the united nations. so we must be very clear which world we live in. it will only be correct to impair the aberrations of the past. alan friedman lets talk about the relations with the obama administration. there is a rumour that a new usindia trade and investment agreement is near: is that true? >>sharma: that is true. we had a meeting ofhe usindia trade policy forum, i have been to washington, ron kirk has been here twice: he came for the wto ministerial, he also came for the trade forum. the focal groups have met, we are going to sign a framework of cooperation on trade and invtment, hopefully during the forthcoming visit of the prime minister and later on we will have the treaty of the tradeand investment agreement. and there are other developments on the way, we are talking about them. >>friedman: what about progress with theuropean union? where does india stand? >>sharma: we have had many rounds of discussions on trade
running again. america's election headquarters looks at the 2010 state of play with the two party chairman. democrat tim kaine, and republican michael steele. then, the president vows to fix the problems that allowed a would-be bomber on board a u.s. airliner. >> i have a solemn responsibility to protect our nation and our people. >> chris: will his reforms keep the country safe? we'll ask jon kyl, the number two republican in the senate. and jack reed, a senior democrat on the armed services committee. plus, we'll ask our sunday regulars about the white house effort to shift the focus from terror and healthcare to jobs and the economy. and our power player of the week. we'll look back at a good guy sports star, before things went bad. all right now on "fox news sunday." and hello again from fox news in washington. well, a little more than a week in 2010, election politics is already in full swing. on saturday, senate majority leader harry reid apologized to president obama for racial remarks he made during the last campaign. three top democrats announced they won't seek re-election. but o
is the idea of a vacation. now, this may be a disappearing dream in america. i understand that, but the idea of a vacation, the idea of a 40 hour week, no child labor, these were ideas that were promoted 150 years ago by people like karl marx, if i may utter the words. karl marx did not create the soviet union. karl marx was a 19th century radical who sat around trying to figure out how to help working people, and had this idea with many other people, that working people have to work less than an 80 hour week. so they could think, so they could enjoy life, so they could read books. and i guess him being karl marx, so that they could go to a lot of meetings. and eventually, form unions. and out of that effort, there came the first transnational labor movement that led to labor unions in time, and lead to social democratic parties in europe, and lead to specific legislation, like vacations and the eight hour day. so who goes around thinking i'm on vacation, thank god for the labor movement? not many. i don't know where we think these things come from, but the book is an attempt to anchor them
've watched both political parties facilitate this folly. in the america that i grew up in, we didn't have too big to fail. we had the creative destruction of capitalism. we didn't keep weak companies artificially alive, we let them go. so that more dynamic companies with smarter business models and better goods and services could take their place. giving all of us a higher standard of living. we let the market and the consumer decide. we didn't force people to buy or force them to drink new coke they didn't want. we live today without pa packard, studebaker and if we had to, we could live without chrysler and general motors. in the america i grew up in, you got a mortgage because you were qualified, not because you had a pulse. i worry about how america looks to the young people just out of college or graduate school, many of them are forced to take jobs that don't require a college degree, let alone a law degree or mba. many of them are up to their eyeballs in private debt as they watch the government saddle them with public debt that will burden them for the rest of their lives. we have alw
says he blames america for turni ining the bomber's wife into a widow and his son into orphans. >> julie: thank you. they are keeping a close eye on what led to the attack in afghanistan. the intelligence community stepping up after the wake of the attempted christmas day bombing and the recent shooting spree at fort hood which left 134 peo13 people dea. director of national intelligence announcing a new commission to look in recent intelligence failures but some republicans are saying the u.s. needs to start sending a different message in the war on terror. malini wilkes live in washington with the news tonight. hi, malini. >> hi, julie. another counterterrorism review is getting underway in washington. the national intelligence director wants an independent assessment of the recent challenges facing the intelligence community. he has appointed former c.i.a. director john mclaughlin to lead a team examining both the attempted bombing on the detroit airliner and the fort hood shootings. this week, the white house released its preliminary review of the detroit attack. several co
profits and socializing debts. i watched both political parties facilitate this folly. in the america i grew up in, we didn't have two big too fail. we had creative destruction of capitalism. we didn't keep weak companies artificially alive we let them go so more dynamic companies could take their place. giving all of us a higher standard of living letting the market and consumers decide. didn't force people to drink new coke they didn't want. we live today without pack yard and hudson and american motors and if we had to, we can live without chrysler and general motors. in the america i grew up, you've got a mortgage because you're qualified not because you had a pulse. i worry about how america looks to young people just out of college, many forced to take jobs that don't require a college degree let alone a law degree or mba. many of them up to their eye balls in private debt watching their government saddling them with public debt that is going burden them for their lives. we've sacrificed for next generation not stolen from them. instead of generational theft we need generational t
conversations have no place today in america. this term, this you know, like he's going to pass, for example, for white america because he's you know, got this negro die alikt, that's language that harken back to the 1950s and 60s and confirms to me a mind-set out of step with where america is. but i can assure you if i had as national chairman said that well, it's all behind us and he's apologized let's move on, no one would be accepting that. there has to be a consequence here if the standard is the one that was set in 2002 with trent lott. >> is the consequence that senator reid should step down? >> i believe it is. whether he steps down today or i retire him in november either way he will not be the leader in 2011. >> governor kaine. >> well, first, the senator said i mean, chairman steel said earlier that the republicans were not going to win it back so leader reid is going to be the leader. anybody looking at trent lott's statements praising somebody who had been a pro segregation candidate for president will see that there is no comparison between those comments and those of senator r
, you have writt about it. what are yr conclusions about american healtcare? out health care in america >> about th coverage of it? well, the covere of it really, coradictory answers. there has been a lot of superficial coverage, the kd of he said, she said coverag, of who the nationalities -- of to the persolities are, an issue that issubstantive and like healtcare. paradocally, some ofhe best coverage have seen some in these newspaps, that we say are dinosaur "the washingtopost," "the new york times," have often comes done a brilant job of putting intoontext the fferent aspectsof health care, whether it is the role of the insurance company, the docrs, etc., how they match, thatype of thing has been donin ways that i think arodd-inspirinby some of the writers and "e washington pt" and "the new york times." >> the reason why we condt that type of coverage is becse newspapers canee this issue ming along, and they assign tes ofeporters whommersed themselves in an issue, as opposed to getting the he said, see said-she said, that th things. that only a large well-funded news organization ca
to president obama? and some of america's fallen heroes, a final farewell. >>> videotape of the jordanian doctor who suicide bomber killed seven cia operatives in afghanistan aired on al-jazeera and pakistani television today. he was promising to provide information on al qaeda hiding places and was invited on to the cia base. just as he was getting a pat down search, he detonated the explosives. leon panetta said, "in the past year, we have done exceptionally heavy damage to cut and the associates. that is why the extremists it backed." >>> funerals today for some of the cia officers who were killed. harold brown jr. was remembered during a service in massachusetts. the father of three lived in fairfax county. >> i will love you now and forever. >> flags were lowered to half staff at the cia and the seven new stars joined the others on a wall of honor at the cia office in langley. >>> a man with suspected ties to terrorism pled not guilty today on charges he was training for al qaeda. he was accused of lying to pakistan to get military training. he is one of two men arrested yesterday in
agency that falls under dhs. and this is the way the homeland security system is working in america. see all the different agencies, right? it's not that this reports to this and then up to secretary. instead, every single agency that you see here reports inlandly, all of them, directly to the office of the secretary of homeland security. now, i want you to see how many different people and jurisdictions we are talking about. more than 87,000 federal state and local jurisdictions make up homeland security here in america. 230,000 employees fall under dhs. and that means all the different agencies, more than two dozen that these officials represent. and you have the tsa, customs and border protection, and citizen and immigration services, and immigration and customs enforcement, fema, and the secret service, and the coast guard. all of that today is what we are talking about when we see the huge web of agencies. not only is there information sharing among them but they are all reporting to the secretary of homeland security. it's up to that level to figure out how the different agencies a
, making the internet faster, smarter and safer. broadband is working for america. >> as president, i have a solemn responsibility to protect our nation and people, and when the system fails, it is my responsibility. >> the president accepts responsibility for the intelligence failure of the christmas day bombing plot as the white house releases a report on the event. security officials did like the would-be bomber, but only after he was already airborne to detroit. colby, i am no expert on airline security, but i would think you want to keep the cut off the airplane before he gets on it. >> nice idea. i said earlier in the week, commenting on what the administration has done on this question, that i found it not very reassuring. even after the president spoke and we heard from brennan and also homeland security secretary napolitano, i am still not reassured. when you get down to the substance of what is being recommended, you end up saying, "g, i thought they had done that already. what is new about this?" it is nice that the president -- i don't mean to sound condescending -- that he has
and safer. broadband is working for america. >> we discuss the war in afghanistan, modernization and the future of the army. >>> good morning and welcome to this week in defense news. we are honored to have as our only guest, general george casey. he commanded u.s. and allied forces in iraq. let's take a look at the many challenges facing the army in this area of persistent conflict. at war continuously since 9-11, concerns are growing that the army is wearing out. of a force of 556,000, nearly half the army is deployed or stationed worldwide with 150,000 news in iraq and afghanistan. repeated year long combat tours strained soldiers and their families. posttraumatic stress is widespread. soldier suicide rates hit record highs. young officers are quitting leaving a shortage of field grade leaders. they are promoting noncommissioned sphergs. the army added 26,000 troops to the ranks since 2004 with plans to add 26,000 more in the next three years. a full withdrawal from iraq should allow a certainly of 26,000 troops to afghanistan. will that be enough to rest weary combat units. g
with radical clerics, he gets training, bombs, arms and he tries to infiltrate america. >> this isn't a one time -- we've seen this repeatedly. how would you address this, given this peers to a new threat. >> i think the president's right, we have to find ways to deal with that, it is more difficult. the incidents are not on the scale as the professor was suggesting of 9/11. one thing i would point out is, they seem to continue and have been interested in a long, long time in blowing up airliners, that seems to be one of their main objectives in life, and they keep trying, i wouldn't be surprised if they try that again. and we got to be on the lookout for that. >> campbell, the president said, we need to appeal to muslims worldwide, think, militants in the last 10 years have used social networks to recruit, mobilize. here you have the father of the christmas day bomb er, the muslm community could serve as the first line of defense. here you have a father and other incidents where the muslim communities, where the relatives, the neighbors -- >> are already playing that role. >> and this is w
a long answer and i'll try to make it short. i think america is safer since 9/11, but we're certainly not safe. we have a long way to go, but i think we've made significant progress. i think that we've shown that al qaeda can land most anywhere. where there's fertile ground, they're going to breed. now, the latest, of course, is yemen, where there certainly is a significant challenge. al qaeda continues to inhibit areas along the afghan/pakistan border which, again, argues for success in afghanistan. but, i think that we have to continue our emphasis and our focus on the fact that this challenge is not going away any time soon. >> senator lieberman, to that point, you're the chairman of the homeland security committee, as calla adapts its tactics, have the united states kept up? are we ahead of them, if you will, not only improving airport security but looking overseas and our intelligence gathering, are we still ahead of the game? >> we're ahead of the game, but this is a war and there are times when i think because it is such an unconventional war that people in our country may forg
reid is apologizing to the president and everyone in america. we'll tell you why. >>> and a winter tragedy in vermont when snowmobiles crash through a frozen lake. [ female announcer ] the only thing better than seafood is enjoying it together. and right now, a complete seafood dinner for two is just $29.99 at red lobster. you both get a fresh salad and irresistible cheddar bay biscuits... two entrees from a menu of classic favorites and new creations. and your choice of either an appetizer or a dessert to share. your favorite seafood with your favorite person. just $29.99. for a limited time at red lobster. >>> he is one of the most powerful men in washington. and just weeks ago he successfully navigated president obama's signature legislation through the senate. but majority leader harry reid spent his saturday apologizing to the president and all americans for comments he made about mr. obama during the 2008 presidential campaign. we're learning more about the quotes, which appear in a new book on the 2008 campaign called "game change." reid is quoted as saying then senator obam
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party's contributions to the vitality and strength of america. i would never have had the opportunity to serve in the congress had i not had the support and backing of my political party in connecticut over these years. i appreciate the passionate party activists who have never, ever faltered in their support of my efforts. i want to say thank you to my family for their tolerance of yet another generation of our family in the political arena. i'm especially indebted to jackie for her fierce loyalty, unyielding commitment to fairness and her unlimited capacity of empathy to the needs of others. she has truly been my anchor in these stormy political waters. there's nothing more pathetic in my view who announces they're only leaving public life to spend more time with their family. the result of this announcement today i hope will create that opportunity. but it's not the reason for my decision. i'm a very late arrival to fatherhood as many of you know, and i'm told repeatedly by some of you here today that these young children of miney grole -- will grow up very fast system of while the
america. janet napolitano will discuss how the terrorists got aboard that plane, and how we will strengthen aviation security going forward. but today i wanted to briefly summarize their conclusions and the steps i ordered to in an ever-changing world, our first line of defense is accurate intelligence they shared, integrated, analyzed, and acted upon quickly and effectively. after the 9/11 attacks, that is what the report achieved and what our community does every day. unfortunately that is not what happened in a lead up to christmas day. shortcomings' occurred in three broad and compound in ways. although we have learned a great deal about the affiliate in yemen, we knew that they sought to strike the united states and the they were recruiting operatives to do so. the intelligence community did not prioritize particular streams of intelligence. second, this contributed to a larger failure analysis, a failure to connect the dots of intelligence that existed across the community which, together, could have revealed what the attacker was planning. third, there are shortcoming
. until we see a good sustainable job creation, we will be relentless to get america back to work. we need to rebuild our economy in such a way that's our families can feel a measure of security again. too many of the folks i talk to this year tell me they've known their own private recession since long before economist declared one. the result was an economy where some made out well but the middle class took a beating. over the past decade, the income of households actually declined. hard working folks found themselves forced to down scale their dreams. we are talking simple, american dreams a chance 0 give our kids a better shot than we got. even as we focus on putting america back to work, we are building a new foundation to build good, lavetting jobs. in the clean energy that will depen rate and keep the jobs of clean energy here in america. we are forming our education system so our kids are best prepared to compete within the world. we are fixing our broken system. that's what i'd like to focus on for a moment uninsurance americans with preexisting illnesses will finally be able to f
with fios. but you've got to call today. get jaw-dropping fios tv, america's highest rated internet, and unlimited nationwide calling for just $99.99 a month. plus a special double bonus: $150 back plus a free multi-room dvr for 3 months. don't wait. offer ends january 16th. call 1.866.699.fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v. this is fios. this is big. >>> move your money. that's the push of a grassroots movement but the puffington post log. the movement is to hurt banks in the pocket book. some were asked to open local accounts at local banks and say it will shift power away from wall street and back to mn street. >>> a recession is taking a toll on the bottom line and for some it's gone farther. credit scores have taken a hit. you need great credit to get any kind of loan. we look at how to boost your credit score. >> reporter: what is the highest possible fico credit score you can get? >> um, i don't know. 500? >> i don't know. you might want to ask my husband? >> 820. >> reporter: the answer is 850. so what is your credit score? >>
,000 times. all right. and the president went to state, the obvious, that america is at wash with al-qaeda. >> let's be clear about what this moment demands. we are at war. we are at war against al-qaeda, a far-reaching network of violence and hatred that attacked us on 9/11 that killed 3,000 innocent people and plotting to strike us again. we'll do whatever it takes to defeat them. >> bill: okay, fine. another rallying cry to defeat al-qaeda. haven't we seen the movie before? this is not a knock at president obama, but there was absolutely nothing new in his presentation today. america remains on the defenses on the war on terror. we're not taking the fight to the enemy with the exception of drone attacks. president, once again, went out of his way saying that most muslims do not support al-qaeda. i think we all know that by now. that the terrorists will be defeated by bringing the world together against them. after one year in office mr. obama is not close to doing that. and policies on civilian trials for overseas terrorists surely have not made us safer. talking points believes t
ads. listen to this. >> president obama is leading an extreme left-wing crew side to bankrupt america. i stand in his way every day. >> you stood by your republican friend during the 2008 financial campaign. do you believe he is leading the way to bankrupt america? >> john mccain and i disagree sometimes, and that's one of the cases. i think the president understands the importance of bringing our government back into balance. he came in in a most difficult economic time, inherenting a national debt that doubled in the preceding eight years. i think you are going to hear from the president in the state of a union maybe earlier about tough medicine for our economy. we need it and i hope there will be bipartisan support in congress for doing that. as our economy begins to grow again, we are not going to get to real growth until we can assure the rest of the world that we can pay our bills, and right now we are just adding to our debt. >> senator mccain, many consider you the leader of the republican party. and there is a man that caused quite a stir this week. he has been criticized you
the cracked creal live at 7:00 a.m. on c-span. this is c-span's america and the courts. next supreme court justice, ruth bader againstburg and melanne vs verveer. hometown, and this is my favorite lecture series, too. among our president's innovations, he created a new post at the state department, ambassador at large for global women's issues. and for that important post, he chose melanne verveer, an altogether fitting appointment, freeing women worldwide from fear and want and enabling them to develop their talents without artificial restraint is the mission of the new ambassadorship. with melanne at the helm, i anticipate women's rights will become central to human rights agenda. she has an extraordinary capacity for, and in her new job, she has become a globetrotter. functioning fully on not more than four hours of sleep a night, and i know how that is, she prolongs her workday and i'm told she's able to adjust to time changes instantly. indicative of her awesome efficiency, she turned out thanksgiving dinner for her family just 48 hours after she returned from an arduous journey in as
america. >> geraldo: it is scruffy, got to go. >> you look like grizzly adams. >> if you want me to shave it i will. you have to vote on it, though. 1-888-tell fox. whatever you vote i will do live before the end of the program. vote 1-888-tell-fox. here now the news. >> this is fox news alert. strong 6.5 magnitude earthquake has hit northern california. the quake's epicenter measuring 22 miles west of west northwest of the town of ferndale, california. 265 miles north of san francisco. that is that forested coastal region in way northern california. it is not the huge population centers in l.a., san francisco. actually, it is not far from the oregon border. the town of ferndale cops report some damage to the city hall. some telephone lines are down. they are checking the main bridge in town but so far, ladies and gentlemen, no major damage has been reported and they are saying that there is a very low probability of a tsunami hitting the coast because of the magnitude of the earthquake. the last major quake to hit the area was in 1994 and measured 6.6. now, to the rest of the sh
morning america. >> one of the right things he did was treat this as a war on terror. we had no domestic attacks under bush. we've had one under obama. >> there was the matter of 9/11. now, the mayor, former mayor apologized for that misstatement. and stephanopoulos blogged his apology saying i should have pressed him on the misstatement. it was my mistake. that's one everyone jumped on. >> i think the media is largely self-correcting, but i like the idea of having maybe a producer go through and go through the transcript and make sure everything was on the up and up and posting something if it wasn't. but i have to say some fact checks are not checking facts. number one example was the associate the press did a fact check of sarah palin's book and one of the things was in the book she writes i'm driven by principle rather than ambition. they say she's wrong because writing the book proves she's ambitious. >> when rudy made that misstatement, and it's not just 9/11, there was the shoebomber and anthrax attacks, msnbc was all over it. on friday when i watched some of the fox opinion shows
to talk about the drug issues. fighting the war in latin america and i raise the question to the other scholars if you are serious about getting rid of drugs then we need socialism. [laughter] [applause] royte? we do. why people use drugs. people have mental problems sometimes. too much stress in their lives. they worry about losing their job, they worry about their children getting middelkerke. the wording about losing their care, and this system solved all the problems, the workers during a certain type to the eckert time had a lifelong security. they never needed to worry about losing their jobs. the factory, the work consider their own factory. when my father would tell me my father was sick in the 70's. he has a breathing problem, so when he called he was breathing very hard. on the chinese new year the chinese society closed for about seven days so every factory was closed for seven days at holidays. but my father always insisted he needed to be the guard for the factory when other workers go home to celebrate. .. the factory cannot fire him. why? if a worker refused to work, the
by the roundtable. george will, liz cheney, of coach america, bob reich, al hunt, and judy woodruff from the pbs news hour. welcome to all of you. let's pick up on the discussion, george, what must president obama do now to actually match reagan's fate? the economy didn't come back in time for the midterms but came roaring back by the end of the first term. >> do what reagan did. deregulate the economy and cut taxes. that's not on the agenda. i think a phrase we'll hear more of is japan's lost decade. we may be in for a rapid recession, not followed by a rapped acceleration and rapid bounce. the economy's been growing for sixth months. two stimulus packages. now the house passed $154 million jobs program. the unemployment rate and underemployment rate is 17.3%. house holds are deleveragi. yet, household debt is still substantially above what it was a decade ago. 23% of american home owners are underwater. the mortgage is valued more than the remaining value of their house. it doesn't look good. >> a lost decade? >> i don't think so, but george is right. the data look terrible. the econom
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the world you attack america and the americans catch you, the worst that you can imagine is that they're going to give you a lawyer, they're going to give you a trial in civilian court where you can preach jihad. they're going to tell you you don't have to talk, and you might get a judge who throws out the government's evidence as we saw just this week. >> with all due respect, president bush used those same -- >> president bush -- >> same federal courts to try moussaoui, the shoebomber, and several other terror suspects. >> and what we have seen -- >> what's wrong with our federal courts? 200 people have gone through ourt federal courts. only three are military courts. >> federal courts are not an effective tool for fighting terror. if you look at what's happened for example in 1993. >> is that a change of position from the bush administration that tried over 200 people in our federal courts. >> they had to adjust the military commissions because the supreme court told them they needed to make adjustments which they did. now, if you look at what's happened in 1993 we tried the world
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